A total commitment to excellence for the past 27 years has been our paramount goal to reach the ultimate in performance. JACCD is poised to raise the banner of excellence and be the creative education leader. We are thrilled to be recognized by MAKARI DE SUISSE Fashion Ghana Honours & Award and being nominated among the TOP renowned talents in our respective field as the BEST FASHION SCHOOL.

Together we make this happen. We are calling out to all students, alumni, and stakeholders to vote to kindly vote for us to grab this award on the 29th of October 2022.
Steps to Vote
1. Dial *800*714
2. Select Option 1(Vote)
3. Enter Nomination Code FG394
4. Enter the number of votes
5. Press Send

We continue to stay committed to excellence.

The University for Creative Minds
StepInside, ThinkOutside

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