JACCD Design Institute Africa is poised to continue reshaping creative education. With over 10,000 alumni and continuing students, our story has just begun. Our non-traditional way of teaching and skills-focused curriculum is designed to give you the best foot up in today’s world.


Our Mission

To prepare and build emerging creative talents for excellence in design in order to stimulate disruptive innovations, develop interdisciplinary and collaborative projects and be the drivers of the global creative economy, society and environment.

Our Vision

To be the world-leading private institution and West Africa’s first ever specialist Creative Arts Institution. We will achieve this by giving the chance to excellent talents and providing 21st century education to prioritize optimizing learnt entrepreneurial skills in order to drive the creative economy and impact local and global communities.


Our Values

Respect moves us to understand the gifts and unique contributions of every person in the Institute’s community and to value diverse perspectives. Integral to our identity is excellence, humanity and integrity, creativity, diversity and innovation as well as accountability and a foundation in learning through research.

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