Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design students are fluent in the visual language that defines today’s powerhouse brands and top-flight organizations. We provide a holistic graphic design program that covers the fundamentals of design; concept of development, delves into product packaging, entrepreneurship, interface design, and user experience. The results are of an award-winning professional portfolio, real experience working for industry giants, and the opportunity to make a lasting mark on the ever-changing global visual landscape, before you graduate.

Certificate in Graphic Design.

As a student in the Graphic Design Certificate programme, you will learn with cutting-edge tools and trends of the trade, while receiving a foundation in traditional practice and graphic design concepts. You will create high-calibre graphic design, displaying practical mastery informed by research, analysis, and critical thinking.


JACCD Design Institute Africa Photography course is a conceptually driven, multi-genre photography program, combining practice, theory and professionalism. Through this approach, we produce creative conceptual photographers who are specialists within their field of interest.

  • Accredited Creative Suite qualifications as part of the course, further expanding your career opportunities.
  • The course provides an excellent grounding for photographic fine art practice or within the industry in a more commercial approach such as fashion, advertising, editorial photography, art direction and picture editing or future academic careers.
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