Joyce Ababio Design Foundation (JADF)

We are unwavering in our commitment to driving social impact and fostering essential life skills that contribute to the growth and enrichment of individuals and communities. Over the years, we have evolved from our initial focus on caring for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) to becoming a registered social foundation that actively engages in a diverse range of operations

Degree, Diploma & Certificate in Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design students are fluent in the visual language that defines today’s powerhouse brands and top-flight organizations. We provide a holistic graphic design program that covers the fundamentals of design.

Events And News

Parents Forum

Are you a parent or guardian whose ward has an interest in the creative sector or pursuing visual arts and wants to understand the various career opportunities available after school?

6-months (2)
6 Months In Fashion Design

Are you a worker or a regular student at a tertiary institution?

Do you have a limited amount of time to pursue your ambition of becoming a fashion designer?

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Fully and partially-funded scholarships

Don’t miss this opportunity to pursue your passion for creative arts and gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the industry. Apply now for the JADF scholarship program and take the first step towards a rewarding career in creative design.

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Evening Classes

Are you a government worker, a businesswoman/man, an entrepreneur, a trader, or someone who works during the day but is interested in Fashion Design Education?
Has your busy schedule become a barrier to this dream?

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