JACCD iStart Program

The JACCD iSTART course is a required series of modules for all First semester (Certificate) students. This course is
designed to facilitate the success of all JACCD students. Both faculty and staff teach the course for 1 hour a month for 2
semesters (Semesters 1 & 2).


The objectives of the program are to assist students

  • Learn about JACCD’s Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Examination
  • Learn to deal with the challenges presented by college life in a way that will help them succeed in JACCD and life in general.
  • Learn to plan, organize, listen, learn, read and write in college.
  • Learn how to connect with people (faculty, staff, colleagues) on campus who will support their success.
  • Learn to connect with resources on campus that will support their success.
  • Learn how to think and write critically and reflectively.


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