The convergence of Design, Business, and Technology

Abaya Dake, an alum from JACCD Design Institute Africa (formerly Vogue Style School of Fashion & Design), will join our next SITO series to present the topic – The convergence of Design, Business, and Technology. In an increasingly competitive digital age, the most successful designers must embrace the ability to innovate through technology while wearing the hat of a savvy and fiscal prudent business owner. This presentation will provide an open forum to discuss how this convergence can help inform upcoming designers to build a holistic approach to launching successful careers and businesses.

Abaya is the Founder of “” fashion brand and a Principal at Slack Technologies, addressing the business needs of some of the largest retail organizations in the world. After earning a certificate from Vogue Style, now JACCD DIA, he pursued a BFA in Fashion Design from Lindenwood University and an MBA in Information Systems from Roosevelt University. He also serves on Lindenwood University’s Fashion Business and Design Advisory Council. 

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Topic: The convergence of Design, Business, and Technology
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