Entry Requirement

Certificate and Diploma-related programmes.

  • Candidate must have attempted WASSCE.

Competency-Based Qualifications.

  • Candidate must hold at least a BECE Certificate.
Certificate Program

As our pioneer course of the institution, the Certificate in Fashion Design is hugely successful due to its practical and technical approach to learning. The programme is focused on students acquiring the skills needed to produce apparel for consumers.

  • Pattern Drafting 

  • Color and Design

  • Fashion Illustration

  • Business Management

  • And More.

Diploma Program

As a student in the Fashion Design Diploma program, you will learn with cutting-edge tools and trends of the trade, while receiving a foundation in traditional practice and design concepts.

  • Critical Thinking / Concept Development
  • Draping 
  • Pattern Drafting
  • CAD/2D/3D
  • Introduction to Textiles.
  • And more
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