Specialized Program

Brief Description of Course:

CLO’s robust 3D simulation engine allows you to create garment styles with countless layers

and intricate details. Design a variety of garments, from a simple blouse to technical

outerwear with complicated pattern pieces and construction. Instantly review changes as

any modifications to 2D patterns, colours, textures and finishing details are immediately

simulated. Improve quality of designs by checking silhouette and fit sooner in the

development process, allowing sample time for refinement before finalization. Reduce

design preparation time and dive into the design process right away with prepared blocks.

Quickly sketch new designs directly on your Avatar and automatically generate pattern

pieces. All 2D pattern files in AAMA/ASTM .dxf format can be imported to CLO for the

creation of 3D garments.

Required: Basic computer skills, knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and garment construction.

The course covers:

• Work in a 2D and 3D design visualization environment

• Transform existing 2D pattern blocks into new garment styles

• Fit your 3D garments in an avatar to simulate fit and construction details of 2D


• Apply numerous fabric colours, textures, graphic patterns, and prints to your virtual


• Create a 3D avatar runway shows and 3D virtual retail showroom.

• Import and export your 2D patterns in AAMA/ASTM .dxf format to other pattern

making software programs such as Gerber and Lectra.

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