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Get a Certificate in Graphic Design.
Right here in JACCD.

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Get a Diploma, Degree of Certificate in Fashion Design.
Right here in JACCD.

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Get a Certificate in Fashion Design, Graphic Designs, Textile Design, Jewelry Design, Cosmetology
.Right here in JACCD.

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  • SSSCE Holders.

  1. Six passes (A-D) in all subjects, including English Language, Mathematics and Science.

Applicants who satisfy the above requirements can gain direct admission into our Certificate/Diploma/Degree programs

  • WASSCE Holders.

  1. Six passes (A1-D7) in all subjects, including English Language, Mathematics and Science

Applicants who satisfy the above requirements can gain direct admission into our Certificate/Diploma/Degree programs


  • Post-Diploma Candidates.

A good Diploma (a minimum of Second Class Lower Division or better) obtained from the University of Cape Coast or equivalent institutions with at least two (2) years post qualification working experience.

All candidates must pass an interview.

  • Admission Requirements for Certificate Courses.

SHS or higher to enter
JHS candidates will be accepted for only certificate programs upon taking a written exam


  • Admission Procedures for all Courses.

To apply you would need to fill-out our admission forms and submit them to JACCD. You can pick our forms at JACCD premises or download our online application form here and print. The filled  application form should be submitted with:

  1. 2 passport pictures
  2. Copies of required certificates/transcripts
  3. Essay


  • Additional Information.


Mature students above the age of 25 will need to take an in-house examination. Any mature student interested in enrolling should contact the school directly.

JACCD accepts certifications from WAEC, WASSCE, SSSCE, and HND. All foreign certificates should be brought to the school. The school will then send these certificates for accreditation before determining the eligibility of the student for admission. This process will incur a fee.



Access Course

Our access course is a one month ( 4-weeks) course intended to help applicants who do not meet the entry requirement into our diploma, and degree programs. Upon completion of the access course, candidates have the opportunity to enroll in a 1-year foundation certificate in fashion design from the University of Cape Coast (UCC). The 1-year foundation certificate will give applicants access to our  diploma, and degree programs

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Diploma In fashion Design

The Diploma is a 2-year program. Admission starts in August. (Certification By UCC).

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Degree In Fashion Design

The Degree in fashion is a 4-year program. Admission starts in August. (Certification by UCC).

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Certificate In Fashion Design

The certificate program is for a period of one year.  The session starts in February and August.

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Advanced Certificate In Fashion Design

The Advanced Certificate program is for a period of one year, six months. The session starts in  February and August.

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Certificate Program

As our pioneer course of the institution, the Certificate in Fashion Design is hugely successful due to its practical and technical approach to learning. The programme is focused on students acquiring the skills needed to produce apparel for consumers.

  • Pattern Drafting 

  • Color and Design

  • Fashion Illustration

  • Business Management

  • And More.

Diploma Program

As a student in the Fashion Design Diploma program, you will learn with cutting-edge tools and trends of the trade, while receiving a foundation in traditional practice and design concepts.

  • Critical Thinking / Concept Development
  • Draping 
  • Pattern Drafting
  • CAD/2D/3D
  • Introduction to Textiles.
  • And more
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